Wandering Lite

Wandering Lite

Under Construction – Phase 2

Phase One resulted in a series of blogs about a first-hand experience with dementia that were ultimately created in WanderingLite.com. Next, the articles were for then transposed into a book called A Personal Journey Into Dementia that was self-published on Amazon in is available in Kindle and paperback in large format starting in 2023. This book covers all of the blog subjects from 2022 to 2023.
After the book was completed, a new website called “DementiaTalks.net”.  This site not only aligns with the “Wandering Lite ™” website but also with “Dementia Talks” Podcast and YouTube Channel.
To date, “Dementia Talks™” podcast has over 10,000 subscribers and YouTube has over 2000 subscribers and over 1000 books have been sold to date.
The great news is that the book although originally self-published has been picked up by Teepa Snow and her organization that is focused on helping people to understand the proper caregiving for people with dementia. Her organization spans around the world, and like with me and my wife Christy has touched many people deeply.
The authors copy is due to come out in March 2024 and more information will be available about this new book early this spring.
Below are the links to the various sites we have published since 2020.
Wandering Lite ….    https://Wanderinglite.com
Dementia Talks – ….   https://Dementiatalks.net
Dementia Talks is a website laid out to follow the outline of the book
Podcast Players:
Dementia Talks Podcast is available on most podcast players like Spotify, or Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Audible, Overcast, etc.  iTunes is coming soon.

I can be reached via email at ted@wanderinglite.com or Ted@dementiatalks.net or cell at 574-276-4600.
Please spread the word and Please subscribe.

Thanks…  May God’s Blessings be With You and Your Family.

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